Introducing: The DecksTop Black

Our classic DecksTop table now available with a matte black steel base.


The Nine Club Table

A special table for a special, special, SPECIAL talk show


The DecksPad L

Our classic DecksPad coffee table is now available in new sizes!


The DeckCube Record Stand

The royal throne for your favorite set of vinyl records


Introducing: The Kruked™ Stool

A design stool made from recycled skateboards.


The HashDeck™ Coaster

A recycled skateboard coaster designed for sharing good times and vibes.



especially seven-ply maple. We love the way it rides and the way it looks.


Custom Projects

Check out our recently finished custom projects.


The DecksTop Timber™

Sleek, elegant and colourfull.


The DecksPad™

Handcrafted coffee table made out of recycled skateboards.


The DecksTop Mini™

The little brother of the DecksTop™


We love wood, especially seven-ply maple. We love the way it rides and we love the way it looks. Saying goodbye to an old skateboard is never easy. Most of us never say goodbye, just keep our old rides stocked aside. Some are broken. Some are just worn out. Others simply leave their old decks behind after collecting their new wood at skate stores. In the end, they all end-up in a dark corner of a basement, attic or warehouse.