The ArtDecko wall art series are inspired by the classic tile patterns from the Art Deco art movement of the 1920s and 1930s.After experimenting with translating recycled skateboard lines into these patterns, we discovered that there was a bigger world of geometry behind them with endless possibilities. The experiment resulted in unique geometrical patterns that challenge and play with the viewer’s senses. The colourful skateboard veneers give depth to every pattern, creating three-dimensional effects that change every time you look at the artwork. This way every ArtDecko artwork embodies the playful and creative spirit of skateboarding.


Each ArtDecko artwork has its own unique pattern and is only made once.


The size of every ArtDecko art work differs and depends on the size of the patterns. 

Available pieces

For an overview of all the available ArtDecko artwork please visit our ArtDecko shop page.

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