Custom Projects

Focused Skateboard Woodworks offers custom solutions for architects and interior designers. Here’s an overview of recently finished projects.

The Nine Club Table, Venice USA

Focused constructed this custom table out of reclaimed walnut wood and nine skateboard decks donated by nine local rippers from Rotterdam. As old skate nerds we’ve been watching and listening to The Nine Club since day one. Every week Chris Roberts, Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart manage to bring a special, special, SPECIAL guest to their table and do a proper in-depth interview about their skateboarding life. Always on point. Always good vibes. Always fun to watch. And all for the love of skateboarding. To donate this table to their show, is just our way of saying “Thank you for giving us The Nine Club every week!“ 

The table was introduced during The Nine Club Experience Episode 44. The video of the skaters donating their boards was filmed and edited by Jan Maarten Sneep.

Golden Road Brewing, Los Angeles USA

In collaboration with Scott Edwards Architecture (Portland USA) we constructed a 12 meter long DecksTop bartop for Golden Road Brewing (Los Angeles USA). The bartop was constructed from over 400 recycled skateboards and is now located at the new Golden Road Pub in Anaheim right across the Angels stadium. A special feauture of the bartop is the rainnbow waterfall drop to the lower bar segment.

This project was feautured in Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register.

Photo’s on the courtesy of Golden Road Brewing.

Stielman Koffiebranders, Rotterdam The Netherlands

In collaboration with Stielman Koffiebranders we developed 25 limited edition coffee tampers, made from recycled skateboards.  The perfect gift for all those rolling barista’s out there. The tamper is equipped with a 58.5 mm stainless steel base for a perfect fit in a portafilter. With this unique coffee tamper you will not only be making good coffee, but also look good making it. Stielman Koffiebranders is a local coffee brand, well known for their high quality and durable coffee. It is based in the popular Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam. A place where entrepreneurs display their craftsmanship, offering the best locally crafted foods and drinks. The tamper is available at the Stielman Koffiebranders online store.

Chrometoaster, Wellington New Zealand

In collaboration with Charlotte Minty Interior Design we designed three custum tables for Chrometoaster in New Zealand. Chrometoaster is an independent, award-winning digital design and open-source development agency based in Wellington, New Zealand. A special feauture are the DecksPad twins with identitacal color patterns. The third table was a custom sized DecksTop Timber. A total of 335 skateboards were recycled for these three tables.

Photography on location: Bonny Beattie

Ted Moudis Associates & Workwell Partners, NYC USA

In collaboration with Ted Moudis Associates and Workwell Partners we constructed a large DecksTop table for advertising agency Media Assembly in New York City. This table is over 3 meters long and 1,2 meter wide. It was constructed from 240 recycled skateboards. The colorfull tabletop rests on a stainless steel frame which was also designed and produced by Focused.

Situ Studio, NYC USA

In collaboration with Situ Studio New York we constructed a custom DecksTop table top for a large tech company in New York. This – over 3 meter long and 1,2 meter wide – tabletop is our first DecksTop with round edges. It took 240 recycled skateboards to construct this beauty.

Pliskin Arhitects, NYC USA

For a project of Pliskin Architecture NYC, Focused constructed two customized table-tops. The tables where placed in the pantry of a global headquarters of a large tech company in New York City. The showpiece is the long parsons table with a side panel. The lines of the top of this table continue into the side panel, resulting in a colorful waterfall. With its over 3,8 meters long lenght, this table is the largest table that has ever been constructed from recycled skateboards. Together with the matching smaller banquette table it forms a unique piece in the center of the new community on the floor. A total number of 110 worn-out skateboard decks have been recycled into these two pieces. More information about the Pliskin Architecture NYC project can be found on their website.

This project was featured on Designboom, Creators (VICE) and Wescover.

Photo’s by Liam Frederick

Chocoholic, Rotterdam The Netherlands

The popular chocolate store Chocoholic in Rotterdam has been redocorating this year. One of the new items in the store was a counter with an custom built DecksTop™ by Focused on top. Shop owner Marco Harreman is not only passionate about chocolate, but also about sevenply maple which he used to ride back in the days. We integrated four of his old rides in this custom built DecksTop™. It took 29 skateboard decks to build this – more than 4 meters long – piece. The new Chocoholic counter was designed by Jeroen Dekker and developped in collabaration with Hectik Skateramps.

Photo’s by Ruben Dario Kleimeer

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