Rip&Recycle is a skateboard recycling programme of Focused. It is based on the believe that, no matter how old a skateboard deck is, the seven veneers of that deck are still full of life and should not be lost. Together with skateshops and parks we collect old skateboards and skateboard waste and give it a new destination. Rip&Recycle stimulates sustainability within the European skateboard scene by supporting skateshops, parks, skaters and designers who join the movement.

Bring your old ride and win a new deck!

Every month a new deck is raffled among all skaters who hand in their old deck(s) at one of the connected Rip&Recycle skate shops or skate parks. The participant who hands in the most decks at the end of the year wins € 250, – shop credit, free to be spent at one of the connected skate shops.

This is how it works:

  • Hand in your old decks at one of the affiliated skate shops or parks. An overview of all Rip & Recycle collection points can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • Fill in the Rip & Recycle participation sticker (available on location) and stick the sticker on the deck. Make sure that a participation sticker is stuck on each submitted deck. Each submitted deck is one lottery ticket. The more decks you hand in, the greater the chance that you win. Only old professional decks* are accepted!
  • At the end of each month, the decks are collected. Each participant will then receive a confirmation email with his or her lot number(s).
  • The winner will be announced every first week of the month on the Instagram and Facebook page of Rip & Recycle. The winner will be informed personally in advance by e-mail or telephone. The results are not open to discussion.
  • The staff of the participating shops are excluded from participation.


Each month the following is raffled among the participants:

  • A new deck worth up to € 69, – to be collected at one of the skateshops connected to Rip&Recycle.
  • A surprise item from Focused Skateboard Woodworks.

Become the Rip&Recycle King and win € 250,-!

The skater that hands in the most old decks during the year will become the Rip&Recycle King and win a € 250,- shop credit, that can be spend within one of te Rip&Recycle skate shops.

Top 10 per 31-10-2018

  1. Ruben Noorman – 60 decks
  2. Marthyn Ghyliam – 30 decks
  3. Jannes van den Baar – 21 decks
  4. Myron Paula – 16 decks
  5. Lenny Stöpp – 15 decks
  6. Mekbib Anthonisse – 11 decks
  7. Mareno de Klerk / Mathijs van den Berg / Zion van Harten – 10 decks
  8. Michel van Dartel / Joram Vuik – 9 decks
  9. Ralph Kooistra – 8 decks
  10. Franklin Damen / Conner Cooke / Bauke Beijering – 6 decks

* We only collect the following brands: 100%, 101, 5Boro, Alien Workshop, Almost, Alva, Anti Hero, Baker, Black Label, Blind, Bombaklats, Bonk, Chocolate, Cliche, Crailtap, Creature, DGK, Darkstar, Death, Deathwish, Diamond, Doom Sayers, Dufarge, Element, Enjoi, Expedition One, Falus, Fier, Flip, Frank, Fucking Awesome, Girl, Grizzly, Habitat, Heroin, Hockey, Hopps, Hymn, Illegal Civilization, Isle, Jart, Krooked, Loose Skateboards, Meltdown, Mini Logo, Mother, Nomad, Numbers, Palace, Pass Port, Pizza, Plan B, Poetic, Polar, Powell Peralta, Prime, Primitive, RIPNDIP, Real, Santa Cruz, Sk8Mafia, Silver, Skate Mental, Skateboard Cafe, Springwood, Theories, Tired, Toy Machine, Traffic, WKND, Welcome, Z-Flex, Zero, Zoo York.

Rip&Recycle skate shops and -parks

Here’s an overview of Rip&Recyle skate shops and –parks where you can leave your old deck behind.

Join us!

Would you like to contribute to a better environment with your skate shop or skate park? Join us now and get a free Rip&Recycle Open/Closed sign made from recycled skateboards. The open/closed sign will be custom branded with your shop or park logo. All you need to do is fill in the registration form here! Please contact us for more information.