The inspiration for the design of this coffee table is a skatepark object called a “manual pad”. With it’s bright colors, the DecksPad™ will lighten up every livingroom. Strong enough for manual tricks, but more suitable for supporting your espresso. The top-, front- and backpanel are constructed from recycled skateboard decks collected at local skate stores and factories around Europe. The sidepanels are made from sevenply birch. We work only with worn-out skateboards and wood that has a sustainable forestry label.

Photo’s square DecksPad by I.A.M. Boon
Studio photo’s DecksPad L by Jelle Mollema


The DecksPad ™ comes in three sizes:
    • DecksPad 48: 60x60x25 cm, constructed from 48 skateboard decks.
    • DecksPad 60: 75x75x25 cm, constructed from 60 skateboard decks.
    • Deckspad 90: 90x90x25 cm, constructed from 90 skateboard decks.

New sizes

  • DecksPad L 54: 90x60x25 cm, constructed from 54 skateboard decks.
  • DecksPad L 64: 120x60x25 cm, constructed from 64 skateboard decks.
  • DecksPad L :80 120x75x25 cm, constructed from 80 skateboard decks.

Sevenply maple

Skateboard decks are constructed from sevenply Canadian maple wood. One of the lightes and strongest woods in the world. By recycling skateboards, we combine the colorful look and the strengt of seven ply maple into sustainable furniture designs.


The colors of every DecksPad™ are unique and dependent on the available skateboards that have been collected. Specific color variations cannot be guaranteed. We can guarantee every single DecksPad™ will be a unique piece of art.

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